Our Team

We're passionate about Chinese Culture that make people have a happy life.

Master Shea

Shea Bing Cheong Sport Assosiasion was formally established in 1994. The purpose of this assosiasion is to flourish Yau Kung Moon’s martial arts together with lion dance and dragon dance. Master Shea has been learing kung fu from Master Ha Tak Kin since he was young and followed his Grand Master Ha Kwok Cheung later on. After many years, master Shea is now exstremly skillful with rich experience of preforming. With the permission of his Grand Master and Master, he is now teaching martial arts and lion dance in schools, sharing his learnings.

Team Members

Every day, our team members bring their talent, commitment and diverse perspectives to work-making our communities and company much better.

  • Master Shea

  • Coach Shea

  • Coach Chan

  • Coach Li

Our History

  • 1980
  • Master Shea's father - KM Shea join Yau Kung Moon around 1950 under Grand Master Ha kwok cheung.

  • 1989
  • Master Shea learning Yau Kung Moon Martial Arts and Lion and Dragon Dance Technique from Grand Master Ha Kwok Cheung

  • 1994
  • The frist martial arts class held in JPC Shatin club

  • 2016
  • For the well development of YKM martial arts to the child and youth group